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Precisio: We’ll be your virtual IT department

Running your own IT department is expensive.

Small and midsize businesses typically are unable to find the resources to manage a network 24×7, and often lack the internal resources and manpower to get the job done right. Let’s face it, you’re successful, and you’re far too busy doing what you do best. What we do best, is to support you with excellent network management services.

Do you have the resources in-house?

Chances are, if you’re a small to midsize business, you don’t. Network management may be relegated to an office manager, an entry-level techie, or even an overworked office clerk who has almost no spare time to take on extra duties.

If that’s the case, things just aren’t getting done. If there’s nothing obviously wrong with the network, then the network gets put off until later as your staff attends to pressing duties. But the fact is, it’s those things that aren’t obvious, which cause serious problems down the road.

Network management is a 24×7 proposition

and it needs to be done by dedicated experts. We’ll be there, so you won’t have to be.

Our expert staff

In some companies, there is a guy who seems to know all the answers. He can fix anything, he knows where to go when you need to buy a product or a service, and he can get rid of that “blue screen of death” that just popped up on your PC. But not every company is lucky enough to have such a person. If that’s the case, we’re here for you.

Complete network management, no surprises

We charge a reasonable, fixed monthly fee based on the number of nodes in your network. We’ve designed our strategy around providing you the most services possible, at the most affordable price. We understand that not every business needs, or can afford, full-time, round-the-clock technology staff, and we have just the answer. You’ll have an on-call personal technician, available for any issues that come up, including everything from networking issues, to virus and malware problems, adds/moves/changes, software and network maintenance, and general consulting and questions. Call us. We’re here to help.

Extensive partner network

In addition to our extremely skilled staff, we have an extensive partner network that allows us to offer you access to some of the best products and services in the industry. Whether it’s hosted Microsoft Exchange services, or cloud-based infrastructure from Rackspace, you don’t have to worry – we’ll deliver.

Get started with a free on-site network audit

The best place to start is with an on-site network audit. This service, valued at $299 but available free for a limited time, takes a full accounting of your network, documenting your inventory, and pinpointing any areas that are lacking. The audit will reveal any existing problems, deficiencies, or missed connections; and is sure to find opportunities to make your network – and your business – more efficient.

Call us today on 08 6364 0100 for your free on-site network audit