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Getting onto the information superhighway – the National Broadband Network

Gives Australian businesses unprecedented speed and new capabilities. It gives you the ability to take advantage of production-enhancing services that weren’t available to you before.

Broadband speed is only the beginning. Your business can take advantage of high-end cloud services, infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, remote backup and disaster recovery, and so much more.

But when you do . . . you need someone on your side. Comparing prices, deploying services, and keeping track of performance can be overwhelming. That’s why Precisio partners with some of the best names in the business. Our partners, like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, RackSpace, Logmein, and Nod32, work with us so we can bring you everything you need, under one roof. We stay on top of the market, so we know the best products for you – and we’re dedicated to making sure you have what’s best for your network.


Precisio’s Premier Partners

We do the work so you don’t have to. We have partnered with the most reliable companies in the industry, in anticipation of your every need.
Why spend days of valuable time, going through information from dozens of providers? We partner with the best. We can advise you on what works best for your situation, for your budget; implement the solution; and manage its deployment and ongoing use.

Free On-Site Network Audit

Before acquiring new services from our premier partners, you need to make sure your network is ready. Call today for our free on-site network audit, normally valued at $299.

Why do you need a network audit?

Even in a midsize network, it’s very common for an audit to turn up flaws, inefficiencies, malware, and networking issues. Unused equipment, links that go nowhere, and out-of-date software may be hiding in corners, waiting to cause problems.

A network that functioned well a year ago, may be sluggish and full of security holes today. A network audit simply evaluates every component of your network, and the end result is a detailed report that shows what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be improved or updated. In addition, the audit may turn up vulnerabilities, undetected entry points, and inefficiencies that are silently costing you money every day.

Call us today on 08 9288 1791 for your free on-site network audit